5 Year Plan

I turned 15 years old in December 2020 and I am in year 10 at school. I have started my GSCEs this year, so I will work hard towards achieving my grades but also work hard towards my racing career.

I competed for 2 rounds at the start of the 2020 season as I got given a car free for 2 rounds after I missed out on the scholarship by 1 point. After a very good drive in the first round at Cadwell Park, I am now more determined to re-enter the championship and win the rookie cup. I am also keeping up my fitness with cycling every morning from 5-10 miles as I have a paper round 5 days a week. As well as my cycling I am doing weights and keeping my cardio up. I am keeping up on social media trying to increase my profile and this website is part of that plan.

In my second year I will take what I have learnt and try to get a top 3 finish in the championship but pushing to win. Third year I will progress with what I have learned and take it to the mini junior championship which is on TV on ITV 4 supporting the BTCC. Same again, learn the handling of the car and take what I have learned from the Saxo championship and compete with the best drivers out there. Second year, same again a top 3 finish and try to win the championship. After that I would like to progress onto The British Touring Car Championship if I have the backing available.