We are currently looking for sponsorship for the 2021 JSCC Championship. In return we can offer various opportunities for advertising, which includes a large white van that we travel around the country in, my race helmet, my race suit and all the body work on my race car. The championship is at big tracks like Silverstone and there is an audience there who will see the car. The van is a 16 plate, white, long wheel base crafter van which we are converting into a motorhome to help with racing in the future. That would be a great advertising space for a sponsor. I also have Instagram and Facebook which can also promote your company. I could also offer you exclusive tickets to each round. I would also use social media to promote your product on race weekends when making my posts about the race and when submitting photos to my platforms like Instagram, Facebook, twitter which I hope would also promote myself as well as your brand. Any help would be very much appreciated.

I would be very happy to meet with any potential sponsors, so that I can show you how focused I am.

Lucas Oil Car